About Us

mom and daughter wearing a black born equipped t-shirt 

One of the reasons we created Born Equipped was to help the person who may have forgotten about their dreams and encourage them to dream again!

Born Equipped is based off of the scripture Exodus 4:2 (hence the E4:2 that you see in our logo!)

We want you to know that God is ready to use you, as you are! He’s ready to use what’s already in your hand because he is capable of turning that into everything needed to complete your assignment!

We try to run and hide from God as if he’s not omniscient! He knows your full story so there’s nothing you can hide from God! No guilt, no shame, no life long disappointment! ❌That is not your story! God sees your page 20 even if you’re only on page 10! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

God gave you a calling and a purpose as soon as he called you by name! …Before you were even placed in your mothers womb, he knew you! So he has equipped you for more than you can even see in this moment!

YOU ARE BORN EQUIPPED to achieve your biggest dreams and desires. You handle the giving of your YES, and let God do the REST!

He’s in the details! 🙌🏾💙
father and daughter wearing a black born equipped t-shirt